GSBF to Open New Bonsai Collection in Fresno

By Abe Far, GSBF President

I am pleased to announce the Clark Center Bonsai Collection is now GSBF’s third collection located at the Shinzen Japanese Friendship Garden, 114 W Audubon Dr, Fresno, CA 93720 (Central Valley). This is an amazing step forward for our organization. Congratulations to all those who contributed in bringing about the GSBF third collection. I would ask that all GSBF members join me in thanking the Clark Center for Japanese Art and Culture, and to Libby and Bill Clark for trusting us with gifting their wonderful Bonsai collection to GSBF. Particular appreciation goes to Sally Ramage and her Board, along with Bob Hilvers, GSBF past president and the Clark Center Bonsai Curator, for their hard work in making this partnership and added Bonsai collection possible. Last but not least, thanks goes to GSBF’s Board for its support and vision in facilitating this new partnership and to the Shinzen Japanese Friendship Garden in the Central Valley.

Clark Center for Japanese Art and Culture started their Bonsai collection a number of years ago, and by the hard work and passion of Bob Hilvers as the Clark Center Bonsai Curator, it became the most beautiful Bonsai collection in the Central Valley, with over 88 trees, material, and all structures transferred to GSBF.

The GSBF third Bonsai collection at Shinzen Japanese Friendship Garden is set for construction and will be open to the public by July 2015, which means more education and services to the Bonsai clubs and general public.

I ask that all of us help to make this new GSBF Bonsai collection as successful as our other two collections. Bob Hilvers is appointed the Chair of GSBF Bonsai Collection at the Shinzen Japanese Friendship Garden. Please call him at 559-909-1051 or email Bob Hilvers; he needs lots of help and support. Our thanks goes to Kathleen O’Donnell, she donated the first Bonsai to our new collection.

Please visit Bonsai at the Shinzen Japanese Friendship Garden website